Pediatric Dentistry Near You

Cobblestone Dental is proud to provide high-quality dentistry for every member of your family. While we will refer patients who have conditions beyond the experience of any of our staff, we can remedy a significant number of smile issues.

Dental health and a bright smile are important at any age. Our dentist near you and every team member are passionate about educating children, teens, and adults regarding healthy habits and feel empowered to look after their smiles. Once good habits are established, it is much easier and more likely that they will be maintained for a lifetime.

For more information about pediatric dentistry near you, you’re invited to visit our location or give us a call.

Pediatric Dentistry in Grande Prairie

Dental Care for Young Children

Many children feel anxious when visiting the dentist. It is a new and strange environment with unfamiliar sounds. At Cobblestone Dental, we do our utmost to establish a warm, gentle environment so children have a positive experience each time they visit for pediatric dentistry in Grande Prairie.

Even when your child has become more comfortable, our staff will still work hard to maintain a pleasant setting where their voices are heard.

Hygiene Care

Here are some of the pediatric treatments that we offer to help preserve little smiles:

  • Smile exams for children under 3 to help them adjust to the dentist
  • Preventative cleanings and fluoride treatment
  • Good habit counseling (brushing, flossing, mouthwash)
  • Other habit counseling (to stop use of a pacifier or sucking of thumb)
  • Repair of cavities or other tooth damage
  • Assessment for straightening of teeth or correction of bite at a later age
  • Diagnosis of oral conditions that may develop due to other health issues (diabetes, asthma, etc)
  • Treatment and management of gum diseases
Pediatric Dentistry Near You

Dental Sealants

Sealants are liquids painted onto your child’s teeth to protect them against bacteria and plaque. This can reduce the risk of cavities developing, especially those hard-to-brush molars. These teeth typically come in between ages 5-7 (first set), 11-14 (second set), and 17-25 (wisdom teeth). It is helpful to place a sealant on the molars when they first come in and then maintain this protection as needed.

Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are designed to protect your child during sports, one of the most likely times to experience a jaw or mouth injury. While sports stores carry standard dental guards, they are not customized to your child’s oral cavity.

To optimize protection and comfort, these custom guards are recommended. Because they are made differently, custom devices allow for greater communication and easier breathing. They also help prevent injuries like cheek, tongue and lip lacerations, as well as reduce concussions.

By investing in pediatric dentistry near you and getting a custom mouth guard, you’re giving your child the confidence to play hard while minimizing the risk of dental and facial injuries.

Why Choose Our Dental Practice for Your Child’s Care

Why Choose Our Dental Practice for Your Child’s Care

At Cobblestone Dental, our goal is to make your child feel at ease and help instill good habits that will increase their likelihood of having healthy teeth, gums, and bones. This will also reduce their fear of going to dental appointments.

Children should visit their dentist in Grande Prairie twice a year, just like adults, beginning on their first birthday or after they lose their first tooth. This will also allow our team to start oral health education early. We will explain the importance of routine brushing, how to correctly floss, and what regular dental sessions entail.

We will also work with you as parents or guardians so you will know about your child’s unique dental needs. Working together, we can establish lifetime habits to help keep their teeth healthy.

Book Your Child’s Appointment Today

If you’re searching for a trustworthy place for your child to receive pediatric dentistry in Grande Prairie, we hope you will choose Cobblestone Dental. Every child is unique, and we work to ensure that they receive care tailored to their needs.

We also value our relationships with every parent/guardian. In the end, good dental care is a collaboration between dental staff and families, and the moment you step into our clinic, you become part of ours. Call (780) 833-8898 to start your child’s oral health journey. Our dentist hopes to see you soon!