Invisalign Near You

Dentistry has significantly developed over the past 25 years, and one of the most important trends among patients is seeking treatments that are more aesthetically pleasing. Concerning orthodontic care, while traditional braces are effective with a proven track record and a wide range of uses, they are also uncomfortable, difficult to clean, and generally not pleasant to look at.

This is where Invisalign enters the conversation.

Invisalign has been used to solve mild to moderate spacing and crowding issues using a series of aligners that encourage minor alignment changes. They are easy to use, comfortable, have better oral hygiene results, and are not very visible, making them highly appealing to many.

At Cobblestone Dental, we offer Invisalign in Grande Prairie to patients. Our dentist here in Grande Prairie looks forward to assisting with your treatment and helping you obtain your dream smile – call today!

Invisalign in Grande Prairie

Why Choose Invisalign?

Invisalign uses computer-aided designs to create a series of removable aligners. Each set of trays makes small changes to a patient’s tooth position. They are almost undetectable, meaning they are a visually pleasing way to undergo lengthier treatment. Invisalign near you has also gained greater usage due to continual confirmation of its effectiveness being released. This solution also allows computer-generated models to create the trays more accurately to accomplish the required movements.

However, because Invisalign trays can be taken out, this treatment demands commitment during the specified periods noted by your dentist to be fully effective.

Invisalign Near You

Uses of Invisalign

Invisalign has been shown to reliably address several orthodontic problems. The following list are treatments that are likely to achieve a good outcome when you acquire Invisalign in Grande Prairie:

  • Mild to moderate crowding
  • Mild to moderate malocclusions
  • Mild overbite
  • Some open bites
  • Transversal movements
  • Mild rotation

Since each person’s mouth is unique, your outcome may or may not match expectations. However, a dentist near you should be able to advise you on whether you are a good candidate for this solution.

How Invisalign Works

How Invisalign Works

You will be given a set of Invisalign trays and instructed to wear them for periods typically ranging from 1-2 weeks. Each day, you can take out the aligner to care for your teeth, as well as eat and drink. You will be given specific instructions for keeping your aligners clean that must be followed; otherwise, bacteria and other debris can build up. The result you acquire is dependent on the number of aligners and the duration of your treatment.

Like metal braces, there will be some discomfort when you put in a new aligner as your teeth are being moved by it. But don’t worry – you’ll adjust to wearing your trays quickly.

Looking to Acquire Invisalign?

Cobblestone Dental would love to help you determine if Invisalign is the right orthodontic treatment for you. It is an excellent choice for many patients eager to obtain a smile they can be proud of every day.

Please call us at (780) 833-8898 to arrange an appointment and find out more information about Invisalign near you.