Dental Implants Near You

Dental implants are an important practice for us at Cobblestone Dental. Many patients have enhanced their looks, oral health, and overall quality of life by receiving dental implants in Grande Prairie. An implant can replace one or many teeth that have been lost as a result of an accident or through disease. If you want to regain the confidence that a complete smile gives you, our local dental clinic is the place for you! Reach out to us today so we can help you schedule a meeting with our skilled dentist near you.

Dental Implants in Grande Prairie

Explaining Dental Implants

A dental implant consists of an artificial titanium root that’s inserted into the jawbone and has a crown affixed to it where a tooth is missing. It provides a strong and stable foundation for replacement teeth or other restorations. As such, they are considered an excellent long-term dental solution, often preferable to other options such as dentures or bridges.

Dental Implants Near You

Reasons to Get Dental Implants

Dental implants not only enhance your appearance but also offer several practical benefits. When you choose dental implants near you, you’ll find that they improve your speech clarity, provide comfort, and function like natural teeth, allowing for better chewing and biting.

Perhaps the most important health impact is that an implant will help to maintain bone density. When a tooth is lost, the lack of pressure on that spot in the jaw will often lead to reduced density, which can give rise to other consequences. Correcting the problem as soon as possible is often the best solution.

But what happens if the bone density is already lost? If this is something you’re dealing with, an implant is still possible since the bone can be reinforced with a bone graft. This method entails using natural bone from another part of your body or a synthetic bone substitute material to reinforce the jaw. This means that the entire process will take longer, however, as the bone underneath must heal first before the implant can be placed. But, it is nonetheless a good solution to prevent further mouth deterioration.

Our Process of Placing Dental Implants

Our Process of Placing Dental Implants

If you are considering getting a dental implant in Grande Prairie, the first step is to schedule a consultation to ensure that this is the most suitable solution for you. Your dentist will go over the details of the service. You can expect the following stages:

  1. A preliminary consultation to determine if a dental implant is right for your requirements. This session will also entail a smile examination and a discussion of your medical history and dental habits and preferences.
  2. Anesthesia medication will numb the region in your mouth before the implant screw is drilled through the socket into your jawbone.
  3. A couple of months are needed to allow the bone to fully grow around the implant and create a reliable foundation.
  4. During a follow-up appointment, the screw is re-exposed so the abutment (connecting pieces) can be placed as well.
  5. Your dentist will provide a dental crown tailored to your tooth’s dimensions.

At home, dental implants require regular hygiene practices, including brushing, flossing, and routine dental check-ups. Using a water pick is also recommended.

The Cost of Dental Implants

The cost will vary depending upon the number of implants needed and any additional procedures required. While an implant is often more expensive than other replacement options, they are generally considered a worthwhile investment because of their long-term durability and the other oral health benefits they provide. Cobblestone Dental follows the Alberta Dental Fee Guide.

Why Consider Multiple Dental Implants

If you’re missing multiple teeth, getting multiple dental implants in Grande Prairie can be a great solution. A few strategically placed implants can effectively fill in large gaps, restoring both function and appearance. Similarly, if you have lost all of your teeth, a full bridge or denture can be fixed on top of your implants. This technique is called All-On-4 implant dentistry.

Why Consider Multiple Dental Implants

The Pros and Cons of Dental Implants


  • Improved look – Dental implants look and feel like ordinary teeth. Upon fusing with your jawbone, they provide a lasting foundation for replacement teeth, which results in continued bone density and a natural appearance.
  • Enhanced function – Implants restore the ability to chew and bite properly, allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods again. Unlike dentures, they do not slip around in your mouth.
  • Durability – With typical dental care, an implant can last a lifetime. They also boast a high success rate.
  • Preserves adjacent teeth – When a tooth is missing, the bone density will typically deteriorate underneath the gap. An implant, therefore, will actually aid in the support of the adjacent teeth.
  • Improved oral health – Implants stimulate bone growth, which also helps maintain your facial profile. Additionally, they do not require alteration of neighboring teeth, which improves long-term oral health.


  • Requires surgery – As a surgical procedure, this means you’ll most likely need anesthesia and time to fully recover. Some patients experience discomfort, swelling, or bruising after the procedure.
  • Time – The process will usually involve several stages. Additionally, the healing time may take several months. From consultation to completion of the process is typically six months, but can take a year.
  • Potential complications – While rare, infection at the implant site, nerve damage, sinus problems and dental implant rejection can happen. To reduce risk, regular follow-ups with your dentist are important to monitor the health of your implants.
  • Inadequate function – If an implant has not properly fused, this could lead to the crown feeling significantly different than it should. This could lead to an inadequate bite, the sensation of a moving tooth, or even the loss of the implant altogether.
  • Gum discoloration – Occasionally, the gum around the implant will darken. If the implant is going to be visible when you smile, this should be a consideration when choosing this treatment.

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